FBO Confidential – What does it take to be a great FBO?


When a client decides to make a private jet trip, they will be in contact with three different groups of people; the broker or salesperson selling them the flight, the flight crew flying the airplane and the FBO personnel greeting and handling the passengers before and after the flight itself. Therefore, it is undeniable that an FBO (fixed-base operator) is one of the most important aspects of private jet travel. The experience at the FBO will make for a significant part of the experience the passenger has. It can make or break the trip.
For this reason, FBOs are under enormous pressure from the other two groups to deliver and keep the passenger happy. In the busiest airports, FBOs are also competing against each other, obliged to maintain the highest of standards, as clients change their FBO preference easily. So, what makes an FBO great? What qualities distinguish one FBO from the other? Five key areas can be identified:

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