Aerion Supersonics Aerion AS2 speeds towards production

Aerion AS2

Aerion Supersonics Aerion AS2 speeds towards productionPratt Kansas – Blog.aero – 15 years following the departure of the Concorde SST. Aerion Supersonic is attempting to revive supersonic jet transport with the $120 million Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet.   The Aerion project is competing with projects from Spike Aerospace Inc and Boom Technology Inc.

Aerion claims to have signed provisional buy contracts with affluent customers as it looks to move the project forward within the next two years. Aerion will be working with Lockheed Martin Corp and GE on the development of the jet.

Aerion is targeting ultra-high-net-worth individuals for the $120 million 8- to 11 seat Aerion AS2 jet. Costlier than similarly sized subsonic competitors such as the $72 million Bombardier Inc Global Express 7500 and the $70 million General Dynamics Corp Gulfstream G650ER.

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