LinkedIn BAN group rules

1. Posts MUST be by real people with real names – Company name, Initials or pretend names will be removed from the group.

2. This is a "spam-free" group, designed for interesting and valuable discussion among piers. Any form of marketing, advertising, or promotion (including self-promotion), is not allowed. Links to Blogs are allowed, but only provided the following rules listed below:

3. There is a “Promotions” and “Jobs” category for your benefit which we encourage you to use for such items that relate to, and service, the goal of our group. Promoters outside the “Scope” of Business Aviation face moderation or banning.

“Promotions” in the Discussions area will get you on the “moderation” list, continually posting “promotional” material will get you banned.

4. Simply rebroadcasting content which appears elsewhere without contributing your own insight, analysis or position will result in the post being removed and potentially subject you to moderation and/or banning. *NOTE:* Check this out, interesting article, read this, ect.. ect.. won't cut it.

5. Discussions must be relevant to the topic of Business and Aviation!

6. Discussion Posts

A. Topic/Subject Line of Post

NO email, web link, or contact information in the TITLE/ SUBJECT of the post.  The title must be brief and relevant to  business aviation,  or at a level of interest to the Membership of the Group in the form of a thought-provoking question, any statement or concluded position must be substantiated within the body.  

B. Body of the Post

Offer the poster's own point of view on the question or subject.  Include an abstract of any related Blog post in support of the Subject-Line Question.  Members have limited time and interest to follow links to Blogs to find out what the subject matter is about.

C. Sub-Question

Ideally, the Body of the Post should include Sub-Questions to stimulate discussion and response.

D. Placement of Blog Back-Link

The Link to the Blog must be placed INSIDE the Content box -- NOT added in the subject line.  It will still be a hot-link, thus any linking aspects remain intact without diverting the attention away from the subject matter and audience.  Moving the conversation away from the group defeats the purpose of networking as well as limits your exposure.

E. Third-Party Links:

You may also Post in reference to third-party "source/resource material" such as news stories, magazine/journal articles, and third-party blogs in the same way as above, with Questions posed, and links placed inside the body of the post.

7. Multiple posts:

Posting multiple times with different titles which contain the same message is equally unacceptable.

8. The following kind of post is not permitted in any tab:

* join my group;

* expanding my network;

* MLM or other schemes;

* “vote for me”;

9.Removal of Posts:

Posts which do not meet the above guidelines, Offending posters or Personal insults will be removed at our discretion, without notice.


Generic "be your own boss", "live your dream", "ride the wave", or other such gibberish; is unacceptable!  Legitimate contact information must be included in the post:  Name, address, phone number and URL of the company advertising.

Ads for services must not hide that they are ads, must clearly state the product or service being advertised and must not be titled with a leading question.

JOB Tab:

Only actual jobs that pay a salary or contract ($per day or per hour) are to be posted in the job board.Last but not least have fun and enjoy.

Thank you for your Collaboration

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