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    Michael Flannelly created a new blog post, Today's BAN
    Today's BAN
    Today's business has more to do with relationships than methods. The actual products and services you're offering remain critical. However, it's ever more important that you create, maintain and cultivate significant relationships with prospects or potential customers! To start the new year off at the Business Aviation Network we want to introduce you to some of the things that will make those relationships fruitful by using the Business Aviation Network. One of the most fundamental things is for people to be able to find you. For that to happen the search engines have to be able to index your profile pages, this requires you to change your Business Aviation Network privacy settings. By default, your profile is NOT visible to the outside world. Here is a link to FAQ’s page to change those settings.   You may want to give people your BAN profile link. Here is how to find your profile permalink. Start by logging into your account. Next, click “Profile” from the menu. Mouse over your name from the header and read the url from your browser in the bottom left corner. OR click on your name, wait for the page to load then copy the URL from your browser window. Here is what mine looks like You also have the ability to customize your profile url. By default, it will typically be the name you provided when created your account. Here is how you check or customize your profile url. After logging into your account, click “Profile” from the menu. On the right side of your Banner you will see three (3) little dots. [...] click that, select “edit profile.” On the left side click “Appearance” you will find the field called “Profile Permalink:” Once you have that accomplished, you are on your way to sharing not only within the group but the general public as well. When you have that done feel free to click on my link above and “friend” me, I’m always interested in meeting and talking with BAN members!! Additional help documents and resources are avliable at the BAN Helpdesk. Thank you,Mike FlannellyGroup Manager
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