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Today's business has more to do with relationships than methods. The actual products and services you're offering remain critical. However, it's ever more important that you create, maintain and cultivate significant relationships with prospects or potential customers!

To start the new year off at the Business Aviation Network we want to introduce you to some of the things that will make those relationships fruitful by using the Business Aviation Network. One of the most fundamental things is for people to be able to find you. For that to happen the search engines have to be able to index your profile pages, this requires you to change your Business Aviation Network privacy settings. By default, your profile is NOT visible to the outside world. Here is a link to FAQ’s page to change those settings.

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BAN Announcement 01.09.2017

BAN Announcement 01.05.2017

Greetings fellow members!

Nine days into the new year and already I am completely disorganized, off track and behind schedule. I hope all of you have had more success in easing into the new year. What is you game plan for the new year? Will you be building on the success and progress you have made in the previous year or are you looking to start with a clean slate?  A great way to get the new year started is to create a guest blog post on

We will be launching our ad server in the next few days.  For a limited time, we will be offering free ad space to qualified members. Each free ad will run for a minimum of 30 days.


To qualify for a 30-day free banner ad you must meet the following requirements.

  • Ads are aviation related
  • Must be a  member (Free and easy to join)
  • Must provide banner artwork

Banner sizes: (in pixels)

  • 468  X 60 
  •  230  X 60
  •  230  X 230
  •  230  X 460 
  •  230  X 600

NOTE: The free ad space is limited and will be assigned on a first come first serve basic. If you are interested, please contact us immediately. Our detailed media kit will be ready in mid-January with further details regarding banner advertising on For more details and information contact

Aviation Insight Blog:

Bright Ibeawuchi - 2017 Business Aviation Shows, Exhibitions, conferences. And events.  Bright’s latest blog is a comprehensive list of Business Aviation Shows, Exhibitions, conferences. And events coming up in 2017. Is your event missing from theh list? Let Bright know

BAN site user tip:

 The easiest thing you can do to raise your profile in the community is to add an avatar and a profile hero image. It is fast and easy to add an avatar and background image to your profile. Click on your name at the top right, select edit profile, select appearance from the left menu.

New features on

Web push notifications. It allows users to subscribe to notifications and allow them to get notified on your PC/Laptop whenever a new notification, friend request or conversation is created. If you have any questions about this feature, please contact

Press releases, events, personal promotions and placements

Press releases, events, personal promotions and placements. Please submit all items to

Bright Ibeawuchi
CEO/Community Leader

BAN Announcement 12.15.2016

BAN Announcement 12.14.2016

Greetings fellow members!  Thank you all for making 2016 a great year for the Business Aviation Network.

goalsThis will be our final announcement for 2016.   In 2016 we saw increased memberships on our LinkedIn group as well as  increased membership on More important we are very pleased with the quality of the discourse and levels of participation on and LinkedIn.  If you are not yet a member of we encourage you to make it your new years resolution to become a member. is our Community HQ and central information and communication hub. allows our members to connect, network and communicate on a dynamic and robust web platform. Join  today and make 2017 the year you get connected to the business aviation community and establish yourself as a leader. Goals and objectives for 2017:

In 2017 we will build on the progress made in 2016 and hope to accomplish all the following task.

  • Double our membership! If you are not yet a member of you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to engage with fellow business aviation professionals. We currently have 1200 registered members on Join us today!

  • The new year will see the roll-out of our new ad server.  The ad server will give you the opportunity to offer targeted ad space on If your target market is the Business Aviation industry there will be no better way to reach your audience then advertising on 

  • To stress test our new server, for a limited time, we will be offering free ad space to qualified members. Our media kit will be ready in January with further details.

  • Add more guest bloggers. Are you looking to raise your profile in the Business Aviation industry? Contributing a guest blog post on would be a great way to start. All guest blog post are exposed to all 40,000 members on LinkedIn and as well our 30,000 plus followers on social media.

  • Local groups and local group meetings. Local BAN networking events are an excellent opportunity to meet and greet your local BAN members at a fun informal networking event. If you are interested in organizing a local BAN networking event please contact

 Aviation Insight Blog:

Group member Paul Lafata has published a new blog post that offers some insight and analysis of aircraft operating cost.





 site user tip:

Tips ImagePrivacy settings: If you are a new member one of your first priorities should be to set your privacy settings to your likening. This will ensure that you are sharing only the information that you wish to share with the public or other group members.  You can set your privacy settings from your profile settings.  To view a quick video about how to change your privacy settings click here: Help-Desk

New features on

Docker menu - You may have noticed the black docker bar that appears at the top of every page. The docker bar follows you throughout the site and provides a quick and easy to navigate throughout the site, receive notifications, and manage your profile.

Pages -  We are in the  process of migrating all the directory entries to our new pages format. If you already have an entry in the old directory you do not need to do anything. Your entry will be migrated in the next few days.

Help-desk/Support forum-  Need help? or have questions about the any of the  features on Help is just a click away. Visit our Knowledge base and FAQ's to view helpful documentation about site features and functions. If you require additional assistance feel free to submit a support ticket.

Press releases, events, personal promotions and placements:

Keep our members up to date about you and your company. Send us your press releases, events, personal promotions and placements. Please submit all items to

In closing we hope all of you have had a successful and productive year and look forward to bigger and better things in 2017.


Bright Ibeawuchi -CEO/Community leader

Michael Flannelly - Group manager


BAN LinkedIn announcement 11.23.2016

Business Aviation Network: Connect, Network and Prosper!

As always, thank you for being part of the Largest Business Aviation group. and Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. members!! Remember you can easily access the web site with your LinkedIn credentials. One click and you’re in!!.

What will drive business aviation growth? Slack, innovation, demand, big data, users, services or plain ole cost?
Depending on who you're listening to things are either ready to spiral out of control or once again bounce off the bottom. Much like our recent election here in the United States, ask 10 people what they believe the future of our industry is and you’ll get 10 different answers. In my view, 2016 is ending with a whimper, nothing much along the lines of optimism nor undue caution. Many have been opining on events from brexit to value of legacy aircraft, to what will President-Elect Trump do for aviation.

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