Zetta Jet Finalizes Order for Two Global 6000 Business Jet with Option for Two More

  • The plan was first announced as part of a December 2015 order.
  • This monumental statement places Zetta Jet in a position to be one of Asia’s leading private jet operators, thanks to the Global 6000’s excellent long-range performance.

     zetta jet It was recently announced by Bombardier Business Aircraft that Zetta Jet, a private jet operator who is growing at an incredible pace, has implemented previous options for two Bombardier Global 6000 ultra-long range business aircrafts. The options were initially announced on December 15, 2015 as part of one confirmed order that included four options for an identical aircraft model. In addition, Zetta Jet acquired options for another two Global 6000 business jets.


     As of now, the total aircraft order between Zetta Jet and Bombardier includes three confirmed Global 6000 aircrafts with an option for four more business jets in the future. The latest aircraft is scheduled to operate out of Los Angeles, the company’s North American hub. The confirmed order is priced at around $187 million, based on the standard-equipped price list for 2016. If all of the options are applied, the value of the deal could be as much as $436 million or more.

     Based in Singapore and created in August 2015, Zetta Jet exclusively flies Global aircraft.

     Accord to Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Peter Likoray, “Zetta Jet’s remarkable rate of growth has been achieved by offering its customers the ultimate combination of luxury, performance and personalized service. The Bombardier Global 6000, with its exceptional cabin comfort, high-speed range and proven reliability, is an ideal choice to take this success to the next level. The Global 6000 business jet reflects our company’s leading ability to create high-quality aircraft with cutting-edge technology.

     Likoray went on to acknowledge Bombardier’s appreciation stating, “We thank Zetta Jet for this sound endorsement of our products.”  Geoffrey Cassidy, Zetta Jet’s Managing Director, “At Zetta Jet, our promise is to deliver the ultimate private jet experience to the world’s most discerning customers. Not only is the Global 6000 aircraft one of the most impressive business jets ever produced, it delivers the perfect combination of comfort, range and performance sought by the international travelling elite who make up our clientele. This aircraft has already demonstrated that it is a perfect fit for us, and these new aircraft will greatly strengthen our value proposition.”


     Global 6000 Aircraft: With an ability to travel 6,000 NM (11,112 km) at M 0.85, the Global 6000 can carry passengers nonstop from Moscow to Los Angeles.** Designed to comfortably accommodate eight passengers and four crew members, this exceptional business jet provides more floor space and cabin volume than any other aircraft in its class. No other business jet in today’s ultra-long-range division can match the mission flexibility and capability of this unique aircraft.

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