Ordinary Vs. Extraordinary

When you are planning a new advertisement for either a publication such as
Executive Controller magazine, or Business Air magazine, do you think about
these items when you have photographs taken of the aircraft currently for sale or lease?


Camera Type
Did you photograph the aircraft with your cell phone or a point and shoot camera, or was a professional camera utilized?

Exterior Photographs
How was the lighting of your plane? Was the sun behind you and the aircraft,
or was the sun high in the sky, or even worse, in front of you and the aircraft, leading to what is called a “backlit” photograph? Did you take the time to position your aircraft in the most appealing environment possible for realistic, but clean exterior photographs of the aircraft?  If there is a distracting background behind the aircraft, such as other airplanes, vehicles, hangars, or safety cones around it, are you able to re-position the plane in a better location? If you are unable to park the plane in an appealing area, are you able to replace the background with a visually appealing one? A professional aviation photographer can do this for you.

Interior Photographs
Did you take the steps to have the aircraft parked in the best possible light to capture the beautiful interior without distracting shadows or elements that could take the viewer’s attention from the beautiful décor inside the aircraft? This helps to provide the setting for extraordinary images that will help the viewer feel as if they are already comfortably sitting in the cabin. What about the interior, did you Remove all water bottles, from the cup holders in the jet, did you cross the seat belts in an appealing manner, were all the lights turned on in the cabin?

Were you able to bring on some catering, possibly some props such as a bottle of wine with some wine glasses and fine china? Paying attention to these types of detailed items are issues that a professional aviation photographer will know to do, before photographing the interior.

As a recognized authority in the field of aviation photography, I accept nothing less than excellence. I will help you and your company present incredibly beautiful images that will draw your target audience into your marketing pieces and, asking for more information about your aircraft.

I am enclosing four example photographs, one each of ordinary and
extraordinary, interiors and exteriors so that your discerning eye can visualize
the difference a professional aviation photographer can do for you and your

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, always glad to help.

Jay Davis


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