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 Josh is a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park double majoring in Government & Politics and Economics.  Josh is primarily interested in the movements of airlines, trends in airports and routes, as well as the cutthroat competition among plane manufacturers.




Josh Schwartz



Good Day!  My name is Jon Hohman and I live for my family, my camera, my VW, and to serve you, of course!

For 20 years I worked behind the scenes in live theatre, politely clawing my way to the top of the technical theatre food chain.  From sound to lights to props, and everything in between, I finally arrived at where I thought I always wanted to be: Technical Director.  

There always has to be somewhere to go once you get to the top though, right?  For me that was having a child and becoming a stay-at-home dad.  It is the toughest and most rewarding  job I ever had.  

Maybe having a family in aerospace and always keeping a camera around led me to build this website.  I even disassembled and reassembled an old 1960s Kodak Instamatic with my grandfather when I was 6.  That may have been when I first fell in love with photography, but I never thought I'd pursue it for any kind of livelyhood as I am now.

I'm reinventing myself as a photographer specializing in aircraft.  I've always admired and literally looked up to aviation.  When I was young and on third base, bases loaded, the catcher walked all the way over to the third base to tag me out.  I had become oblivious to the game.  I didn't know it at the time but of course the crowd was screaming for me to snap out of it.  I had become entranced by an F16 flying over the field, head in the clouds. Baseball happened all the time, didn't it, but an F16 flyover?  That's an event!

Today you're more likely to find me on a ramp but you can still catch me backstage around DFW while I'm running a friendly race to become the sole bread winner via AeroPhotographic.  I'm steadily taking the lead...

Contact Jon:

business aviation network LinkedIn facebook www email  Tel - 940.268.5757



My name is Bruce Starkey. I began my flying career by taking a $10 dollar plane ride in the pilot's seat at our local airport. I had no idea how exciting it is to fly! So, this is where my dream to become a corporate pilot began. As I flew, my family grew and time to fly was given to time with my growing family. This is time I will never get back, so flying was put on hold. I did finally earn my Private Pilot's Certificate in 1990.

As the family grew, again, my flight time gave way to family and functions, like graduations and other important family events. I decided that I would like to build a flying business. I knew there were many businesses that can use an aircraft that do not want an in-house flight department. This is when I knew that I wanted to build a Corporate Aviation Management business.

My company acts as your out-house flight department and manage your business aircraft. We take care of anything aviation or aircraft related. This is how Starkey Express Aviation was born. If you are interested, we can also act as a consultant and help you select the aircraft that is the perfect fit for your business. Now is the time to get into business aviation. Make an impact on your business and do business at the speed of flight.

If you are not using a business aircraft, your competition is!


Telephone: 330-416-9687

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