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Next-Gen update

Recently Steve Brown, NBAA’s chief operating officer took time to answer some questions about what the new-generation air traffic management system will mean for business aviation....
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Online Community Manager intern

Business Aviation Network  is looking for a volunteer part-time Online Community Manager intern who can volunteer approximately 5 to 10 hours per week and serve as one of the online “voices” of the Business Aviation community.   An Online Community...
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Geographic Information system can be used in Aviation Safety

We have recently developed a GIS based Aviation product called as FliGIS .This product will facilities airliners to generate terrain profile information for a given flight path or set of flight paths provided by the user. It helps in extracting maxim...
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Mobile marketing strategies you may not have tried

Each year more and more businesses flock to mobile marketing as a way to build rapport with customers and to boost sales. Think of mobile as an extension of one's self. People and their smartphones are inseparable. They do everything and go everywher...

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