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[POLL] Aerion/Airbus launch Super sonic business jet

Do you think the Aerion/Airbus SST will be a success?...
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aircraft financing

Sellers and buyers having trouble obtaining long term financing on older aircraft many banks won't approve ??? We offer 7 to 12 year financing at 4.25 % 80 to 85% LTV ,,, and in many states 100% financing , Look for us at BAN Networking Monday or...
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Exhibiting or attending NBAA 2014? Let us know where we can find you.

If you will be Exhibiting at the NBAA 2014 convention in Orlando post your details here....
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Hey all. I am new, I am looking at getting my bachelors of Aviation Business from Embry Riddle. . This looks like an interesting field of choice!...

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