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8th International Aircraft Repossession Symposium, April 2015, Dublin, Ireland

Just announced, the 8th International Aircraft Repossession Symposium, Tuesday 21st, April 2015. Hosted by Aeropodium. More info: register@aeropodium.aero or www.GlobalFBOconsult.me/page6.htlm Apart from a certain TV program, has any member of BAN ...
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NetJets Europe leads advanced approach trial

The discussion has been ongoing for the last few years as microwave & satellite technology developed to a point where it now offers new possibities for smaller airports & business aviation. This news item by Flightglobal's David Learmount sho...
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what is the "state of industry" of business aviaiton?

In a report that I am developing for my economics class, I am a proponent for business aviation. I also am of the school that business aviation provide a means for the growth of the economy. I need guided to, or anyone can, give me information co...
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Business Aviation: Hangar 8 & GAMA Merger

Over the last decade we have see many airline mergers, has the time come for more corporate/business mergers to strengthen their combined market share ? 10/12/2014 Hangar 8 Plc and Gama Aviation merge to form Gama Aviation Plc The merger cr...
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ABS Jets Receives Russian Approval for Embraer Service

Russian aviation authorities have approved Prague-based ABS Jets to perform maintenance on Russian RA-registered aircraft. The approval allows the company to perform maintenance and other technical services on the Embraer Legacy 600 and 650 and Pheno...

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