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The Making of the Falcon 8X

The Making of the Falcon 8X ...
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Looking for "rasta" look pilot

I am working in production on a movie being filmed in Miami, Fl, and we are in search of a pilot, preferably a helicopter that has a rasta look to them. I just found this site and figure its a long shot, but its worth a try. If you are, or know someo...
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EVENT: 3rd European Corporate Aviation Summit, London, 25th March 2015.

The 3rd European Corporate Aviation Summit will be held in London on 25th March 2015, hosted by Aeropodium. More information at www.aeropodium.com Regards, Joe McDermott Global FBO Consult www.GlobalFBOconsult.me...
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Airbus Boosts Aerion’s AS2 Supersonic Business Jet

Next Gen Business Jet Beautiful aircraft. Do you think this Business Jet will ever make it to market? ...
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8th International Aircraft Repossession Symposium, April 2015, Dublin, Ireland

Just announced, the 8th International Aircraft Repossession Symposium, Tuesday 21st, April 2015. Hosted by Aeropodium. More info: register@aeropodium.aero or www.GlobalFBOconsult.me/page6.htlm Apart from a certain TV program, has any member of BAN ...

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