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Nigerian Business Aviation Conference, NBAC 2016

EAN, the Lagos-based fully integrated business aviation company confirmed today that the third Nigerian Business Aviation Conference, NBAC 2016 will now take place on 17th and 18th March 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria. The event is gaining momentum wit...
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North Atlantic Tech Stops - Ever Considered Cork International/EICK ?

Even know where Cork is? South Aer FBO at Cork International Airport/EICK in Ireland have provided this guide to where EICK sits on Europe's Atlantic coast along with a brief introduction. ...
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EBACE 2015 - Who is going ?

Good day all, Any members of BAN attending EBACE 2015 in Geneva, May 19th - 21st ? Want to meet any of the following ?  Just drop me an email at EBACE@GlobalFBOconsult.me & I'll  set up. South Aer FBO, Cork International Airport/EICK Dublin-Westo...
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seeking employment

My search for a corporate aviaition position has been really futile. My MBA work is in logisitics and I would like to be a manager of a corporate aircraft and be responsible for the business affairs attached to it. If I have to start witha Cessna 172...
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Gulfstream Touchscreen Controllers

Great video demonstrating how touchscreen controllers will improve the operational efficiency of the flight deck. ...

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