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www.flyfunder.com - A digital finance marketplace

We have just launched http://www.flyfunder.com. It is a digital marketplace so buyers, OEM's and brokers can announce financing opportunities to the global financing community. I would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this exciting new proje...
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Key Services Offered by IT Solutions Company

Web design, web development, digital marketing and mobile apps are the key services offered by IT Solutions Company. Smart website design pattern attract users and Dubai IT Solutions Company keep this principle while designing a website. IT Solution...
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Runway Aviation Club Ghana founder wins award

Runway Aviation Club Ghana founder and CEO Okyere Obed (23) was presented at the EDUCOM Awards 2016 ceremony, August 27th at the Holiday Inn, Accra, Ghana with the Young Advocate Award for "Individual students or group of students who have succ...
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Graduate students looking for business aviation research help

This survey is part of a research study for a group of UCLA Anderson MBA students working on a master’s degree thesis on software solutions within the aviation industry on behalf of an international software firm. More specifically, trying to underst...
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Is it the end of the line for Piaggio’s Avanti twin turboprop pusher

The future of Piaggio’s Avanti twin turboprop pusher is in question, after the Italian airframer’s statement this week about a new “industrial plan” that will see the company focus primarily on military programs going forward....

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